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magnificent piece of art!

Bro finish this :DDD

Dude :P awesome

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Thank you for supporting me! and this game. the song just fits in this :DD
awesome and addicting game! :P

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okay there is everything wrong with this.
i'm honestly going to criticize this.

-not really a pleasing rhythm but rather annoying
-fl keys without even having reverb on it sounds like bland midi
-absolutely no knowledge on chord progressions whatsoever

you should totally learn more music theory and listen to your tracks before rendering yet even saving the projects.
i really rarely give 0's but in this case i have to.

AlFas responds:

- This wasn't meant to be a serious composition, instead it's just a "random" thing I made for some reason
- I did not intend to provide the best sound quality
- Like I said, not a serious composition

I do listen to my tracks as soon as I make a change and then listen to the entire thing, with this one being the exception.

I still don't disagree with the 0/5, honestly this is meant to be shit I guess, unlike the other tracks I have uploaded.

i absolutely love the drums in this!
but the sounds should be more nostalgic/realistic
you should add vinyl scratches and noise.
this is honestly really catchy

RoTbCoffee responds:

Thanks for enjoying!

I totally agree. Vinyl scratch noise can do so much, especially to give it more of that lo-fi vibe.

i honestly can't give you more than 2 stars because the melody is pretty wack but the sound design is decent.
the mastering is bad.
the random piano parts just wont fit.
the piano makes a lot of reverb and its volume is way too high comparing to the bass.
(the reverb on the piano makes the sound on the drop really muddy)
the drums need a sidechain.
the second drop is not more different than the first one its literally copypasted and sped up.

you do have some good things in this song for example it is a song and you have different parts in it
but you need to learn more about mixing and mastering, music theory and chord progressions.

Xytonius responds:

You're absolutely right. I will try to work harder on my mixing, chord progressions, ect. Thank you for the helpful review!

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scouted! :P

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