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A little update!

2017-07-03 19:56:39 by Demonicity

so i'm currently making this one neuro track thats coming out soon! (probably)

here's a little sneak peek/wip from it:

New album released!

2017-05-13 08:22:00 by Demonicity


album is called R E L A X and its filled with 6 Lo-Fi tracks!

1. R E L A X
2. Emma
3. DeepInsideMysoul
4. m y p u s s f e e l s t h e v i b e
5. M E L A N C H O L Y
6. Fried Rice

support me on youtube!

Youtube channel

2017-02-13 14:15:22 by Demonicity

so im starting to go more active on youtube and making my main account for mixes which also include my tracks!

wish me luck!


sorry i got a little spaced out there!

i thank you for my whole heart for this i have reached a million views/listens in total on every social media on my songs. so somehow i have been listened a million times!

i love you people!

this means so much to me you don't even know.

even tho its just every social media its still a lot. think about it. a million. how many people is that?

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


ps. i will not stop making music before i die (pps. hotline 2 vol 4 is coming out after new years=



let's celebrate!

-Stay tuned! <3

since the -miami hotline- EP was so succesful i decided to release a whole new EP for it!

there will be total of 5 Volumes :P

I have done the first one and im going to release it pretty soon!

stay tuned :P

100 followers! :P

2016-12-13 09:28:28 by Demonicity

i thank gladly thank you for your support!

i guess its about time i made a special kind of thingy for my followers :P

so i will do a Questions and Answers thingy.

send me the questions to my pm box labeled ''Q6A question''

ask me anything :D

i will post the answers here later!

Free small sample loops pack!

2016-11-22 08:31:57 by Demonicity

Hi guys!

i made this small sample pack for DNB.


the pack contains:

3 Drumloops

4 Bassloops

2 FX oneshots

enjoy :P and thanks for all the support i have gotten lately.

go ahead use these however you like and pm me to show me what have you done :P


2016-11-02 04:24:42 by Demonicity

Hi guys if you haven't checked my youtube channel you should go check it out!

i upload my other tracks (such as soundcloud projects) there.                                     (GRIM REAPER)                                  (BROKEN SILENCE)

there's two of my neurofunk tracks i have uploaded there (also happy halloween even tho im a little late again!).


I thank you all gladly!

2016-10-05 11:35:41 by Demonicity

Just today i saw few of you had PM:d me and shared my content on Geometry Dash, Youtube and Soundcloud!

and i am absolutely AMAZED about the peak i got on my followers!

to be honest i frigging love you guys :P


Also i had to change my soundcloud name AGAIN for copyright reasons



also youtube: